Example 1-01.  These are surface and pump cards of a competitors separator in 5 ½” casing, a Rotoflex PU, 1 ¾” pump, 258” DH SL on VSD (Variable Speed Drive) set on 70% PF (Pump Fillage).  Actual PF is ~54% at 1 SPM.  Customer Rep says the well has a high fluid level and will not pump down even though the analysis data shows the well to be pumped off, you can correlate this card date to the production graph.

Example 1-02.  These are surface and pump cards after running a Revolution gas separator in the same well.  Well is now running 2.8 SPM with the same sized lift system with ~98% actual PF.

Example 1-03. Customer Rep says the well is now pumping off for the first time ever since conversion to Rod Pump!

Example 1-04.  Well is making more production on Rod Pump after installing the Revolution gas separator.


Example 2-01.  These cards are with a leading packer separator, PF is  ~58%  @ 3.6 SPM w/1 .5” pump.   Customer Rep says that this well is shutting down with a high FL.

Example 2-02.  Red cards are Revolution gas separator, Blue cards are packer type gas separator.  Revolution is running faster,  with same size pump, and with better pump fillage.

Example 2-03.  Production was averaging 40 oil, 51 water, and 131 gas prior to installing the Revolution gas separator.  Production after the Revolution installation is 59 oil, 109 water, and 270 gas.


Example 3-01.  Latest Revolution installation following a packer type gas separator.

Example 3-02.  Red card is packer type separator and Blue is Revolution.  Again, the Revolution is running faster with better PF.  Well was pulled after failure.  The Revolution separator was run because of high FL in combination with low PF conditions with the packer type separator.  Do not have production data yet, will include when received.


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