Born from an idea

This gas separator was born of an idea from a man observing the loading of oil from a battery. Troy Botts watched as the fluid samples were placed in a centrifuge, or spin out machine, and rotated to separate the solids, water and oil.

This conceptualized the beginning of Superior Anchor’s quest to build a down hole separator that utilized this centrifugal force in separating the components found in produced fluids. This 5 year development period has produced two of the most efficient gas separators available on the market today, the Revolution One and the Revolution Two gas separators.

West Texas Entrepreneur

Troy Botts has seen boom and bust days in West Texas. Regardless of ups and downs, Troy continues to develop & succeed in innovative concepts in the oilfield. Troy Botts is also the owner of Superior Anchor LLC.

U.S. PATENT #9,045,980

Filed June 2, 2015

As you can see, this idea is unique in how it has been engineered to meet today’s oil field needs.

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